Hi, I'm Mary Dutra.

Nice to meet you, Martina!

As an artist, I like to express feelings through colors and shapes.

As a photographer, I like to capture instants of beauty in simple details or in inspiring landscapes.

As a traveler, I like to make my projects fly around the world.

As a writer, I like to listen to stories, to understand people, to be inspired by moments, to feel the space and to turn the best of it into a canvas.

This project is about absorbing different cultures and feelings from people who want to have a story written into a canvas; an art painted like memory colors; and all of that hanged on the wall.



Mary will meet the hosts, and they will get to know each other and chat about the atmosphere of the place. They will measure the wall and decide the best size of the painting.



Mary will find local art suppliers for colors and materials.


Mary will prepare the canvas; define the colors and create the painting based on the place, the city and the host.

She will hang it on the wall, write about the story of the painting and call the host to see it.



To the last, she will photograph the house and the hosts, and send to them as a record of the project.

Get inside the whole Basel story and see Natalie’s reaction to the final painting.

"The best thing about it, is that

I can look at it everyday"

Natalie Ihr, Basel, Switzerland

Do you feel like hosting the next painting story?


Brand new studio apartment


Painting simulation