I knew you would come Lisa.

I was waiting for you.

We are closer than we have ever been, seems unreal.

Usually, you have so many people around that it is impossible to reach you...


Whenever I tried talking to you, I ended up counting people.

Yes I'm talking about that huge painting right in front of you who has around 110 people painted on and that no one gives proper attention.

You may think I'm not an art lover

but the truth is: the first time I entered the 360º Nymphea's Room

I cried.


I cried because

I used to look at this room printed in a book when I was a kid. At my parent’s house in Brazil, this Monet book used lay there on the table next to Miró’s. I lost count of how many times I looked at it and one day this wall called my attention, the caption said: "Paris, Unesco Building".

The first time I went to Paris I tried to visit the Unesco Building but I failed.
2nd time in Paris? Failed.
3rd time in Paris? Failed.
4th time in Paris — after 10 years from my first visit — I promised myself I would do the impossible to see that panel.

So I mailed, I called, I lied to the doorman, I begged to the reception girl. She was the one that took me to the art piece, an angel.

There I was standing right in front of the "Wall of the Sun and Wall of the Moon".

I was filled with such joy I thought

maybe the sun and the moon made an agreement and allowed me in a garden alone.

Just me and them.

I cried. 

I couldn't believe my eyes. That was the first time I could hear them talking. I took a sketchbook and a pencil and began drawing so I would never forget that moment.


So what happens is that I usually pass by you to say hello and then I take a seat in front of the drowning raft. Yes, the one painted like two pyramids.


In that huge room of gigantic paintings, Delacroix calls all the attentions, so there's always an available seat in front of Géricault.

You know something?

I like to elect some favourite paintings and create a personal and unique story with each one of them.

Until now the only story that seemed impossible to create is one with you.

Well, back to you Lisa. I never got the chance to truly talk to you.

Your room is so crowded it gives me claustrophobia.


One night I went to the main entrance with my camera to capture the night-light reflecting on the small glass diamonds of the pyramid. I waited until there's no one walking around,

so I could picture those incalculable lamps shining bright just like lower stars.

Sometimes when I don't have much time, I take that path where it’s possible to see the Statue's Room from outside the museum. Unfortunately, the Greek Winged Victory Statue is not visible from the streets.

Have I told you we have one as well?

Here in our "Belas Artes" Museum, in Rio de Janeiro.


And Louvre was not the only one that has been copied here. We have also an identical Palais Garnier as our main Theater in town, my favorite place for music hall concerts.


As the years go by, I realize that life is made of those experiences that you are able to live and carry in your lifetime luggage of memories.

As a painter and an Art teacher Experience Host in Airbnb, I see moments through the colors of my paintings and my sketches. While I take a moment drawing, my husband usually brings his guitar and plays a song.

Have I told you we celebrate

15 years together this April?

It's 15 years of our lives together,

which happens to be

the same amount of time of your Pyramid.

Rio has so many architecture similarities with Paris,

that some years ago I created a project with my 9 years old niece called "Paris in Rio". While her parents were traveling to Paris, we did the same trip without leaving Rio. It was such a simple and incredible experience at the same time that we ended up on the first page of a newspaper and also got invited to talk about our journey in a TV talk show. It was memorable.


Once while I was studying Art in Florence,

I woke up at 4am, took my best coat and went to Uffizi's door. It was freezing outside but I was the fourth on the line. When the museum opened, I ran to Botticelli's room, so I could step on the flowers falling from The Spring, and feel the breeze on my face right by the Venus' Birth. That’s when she told me she knew you.

That same night, I went to find your father.

On the center of that great Museum, exactly where the Pyramid should stand if we were in Paris, I stopped.


Deeply, I started a conversation with Da Vinci’s Statue. I told him that my heart skips a beat with the thought of having the chance to tell you that

I'm not just one more selfie lover fan.

I am in fact, your biggest admirer.

But I knew that if I told you this from the beginning you wouldn't have come this far.


So, just like the impossible crashes when someone takes the first risk,

Da Vinci told me this time.

Close your eyes.

The real magic happens when the lights go out. 



written by MARY DUTRA for AIRBNB's LOUVRE application